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sauteed-green-beans-and-potatoes-in-a garlicky-sauce_11zon

Pan-fried potatoes, and lightly charred green beans glazed with a soy-based garlicky sauce.

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Vegan fish fingers

This Frugal man’s Vegan fish fingers recipe is made with easy-to-find, simple ingredients. It is much easier and cheaper than I thought!

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super easy 5 spice tempeh with basil

I found a quick and easy way to make Tempeh from tasteless to finger-licking snacks. This Super-Easy Five-Spice Tempeh Popcorn with Basil. By simply cut the tempeh into 1×1 cm bite-sized cubes, pan-fried until golden brown, then dust with a five-spice and other spice mixture. The tempeh is spicy, crispy, and full of flavor. Garnish with lightly fried Thai basil…I’m loving it!

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;Garlic Chive Gyoza( Japanese Pan-fried Dumplings)

Garlic chives Gyoza, a golden brown and crispy skin, filled with chopped garlic chives, turmeric scrambled tofu, and glass noodles.

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Summer's delight- Chinese cucumber salad

Cucumber Salad is truly summer’s delight. SO So so simple, and so tasty! Cucumbers are tossed in a sweet, garlicky, and spicy dressing is a cool and refreshing complement to almost any meal.

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avocado mung bean jelly noodlesalad

This avocado jelly noodle salad is probably one of my favorite cold dishes in summer at all times. It’s super low calories and gluten-free.

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