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Vegan Tortilla Soup Recipe

vegan tortilla soup

This vegan tortilla soup recipe is everything you could want in a winter soup. It’s hearty, comforting, and made with simple pantry staples.

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Wild Rice Soup Recipe (One-Pot Meal)

vegetable and wild rice soup

This hearty vegan wild rice soup is sure to satisfy your taste buds and fill you up in no time. Need a convenient vegan soup that’s packed with flavor? This is the one!

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Bitter Melon Soup (Easy One Pot)

a bowl of bitter melon soup

This easy one-pot Bitter Melon Soup is very healthy for you! Bitter melon is actually a superfood even though the name doesn’t sound appetizing.

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4-Ingredient Potato Soup

a close shot of 4 ingredient potato soup

This easy plant-based 4-Ingredient Potato Soup with add-on ingredients to up your game. It’s hearty, filling and surprisingly simple to make!

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Easy Vegan Pho

Simple Vegan Pho

EASY VEGAN PHO is made from scratch. It only takes 30 minutes to serve this hearty and cozy noodle soup. Does it sound exciting? 😍

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Vegan Corn Soup

creamy smooth corn soup(vegan)

Made with pantry staple ingredients and love. This Vegan Creamy Smooth Corn Soup is utterly irresistible and warms up your heart.

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Vegan Potato Leek Soup

Vegan Creamy Leek n Potato Soup

This is a classic French soup, and we gonna make it vegan! This LEEK POTATO SOUP(VEGAN) is warm, filling, and satisfying!

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Tomato, Enoki Mushroom and Tofu Soup


Wonder what to make with tomatoes? This homemade Tomato, Enoki Mushroom and Tofu soup is loaded with fresh tomatoes, full of nutrients.