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Yakisoba is a delicious Japanese stir-fried noodle dish usually served on a plate as a main or side dish. This Vegan version of Yakisoba is made with bouncy noodles, colorful vegetables, and protein. For this recipe, I use seitan( wheat gluten ) as my protein choice, paired with green & red bell pepper, cabbage, carrot, and wheat noodles, then finish off with an amazingly sweet, tangy, and savory yakisoba stir-fry sauce.

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Today I gonna show you how to use Japanese curry packets to make restaurant Style Japanese comfort food at home.

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Crispy Panko-crusted Tofu Steak is a fantastic vegan dinner centerpiece. I love my Panko-crusted tofu steak paired with curry sauce or garlic soy dipping sauce. The crispy, crunchy golden Panko breadcrumb with the soft, slightly bouncy texture of the firm tofu. I’d said this is a recipe that will make you fall in love with tofu!

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This “The Best Vegan Ramen” is incredibly quick and easy, by using simple ingredients to make a rich and smooth ramen broth instantly!

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Yaki-Udon-Stir-Fried-Udon-Noodles- With-Vegetables

Yaki Udon (焼きうどん) is a Japanese Stir fry Udon Noodles with your choice of protein and vegetables and a soy-based sauce.

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