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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Tofu cheese is a popular cheese substitutes for vegans. By using tofu (a type of bean curd) makes it dairy- and lactose-free cheese naturally. It’s very similar in appearance to dairy cheese and can be used in recipes as replacements for ricotta or cream cheese.

In my opinion, nothing is better than sprinkling some vegan cheese on a salad or a main dish.

Vegan Tofu Cheese Recipes

Interested in making some vegan cheese? You’re in good hands with me! We’ve compiled 10 simple vegan tofu cheese recipes for you to try at home. These vegan cheese recipes all use tofu as a base and are made with just a few simple ingredients to mimic traditional cheese flavors. 

Vegan Ricotta

Looking for a dairy-free alternative to ricotta cheese that’s quick and easy?

1. Vegan Ricotta – Our Plant-Based World

This vegan ricotta cheese is super quick and easy to make and it is packed by protein brought by tofu. The best is that is can be used by itself or in a variety of dishes like empanadas, raviolis, and pasta with green sauce!

2. Herbed Tofu Ricotta – Running on Real Food

Wanna add some fresh herbs to your Vegan Ricotta? This easy vegan herbed tofu ricotta is a versatile staple for adding flavour and protein to your favourite plant-based meals.

3. Creamy Tofu Ricotta – My Plantiful Cooking

Creamy and thick, this spreadable tofu ricotta cheese is the perfect ricotta substitute! It is also easy to make, and ready in 5 minutes.

Tofu Cream cheese

Here are some simple recipes for tofu cream cheese! All you need is five minutes and a high-speed blender to whip up dairy-free cream cheese at home.

4. Easy Tofu Cream Cheese – The Daily dish

Tofu cream cheese that’s creamy, cheesy and spreadable? Yes, please! Perfect for spreading onto toasted bagels and sandwiches. You can even use it as a vegan cream cheese frosting for desserts.

5. Five Mins Vegan Cream Cheese – Broke Bank Vegan

Creamy, tangy, and easily spreadable. This vegan cream cheese is made with 5 simple ingredients. Spread it on your bread and top it with chopped chives…yum!

Vegan Halloumi

6. Vegan Halloumi Cheese – The Vegan Larder

Make your own vegan Halloumi cheese with this simple method! Perfect for grilling, adding to kabobs or layering into a vegan burger with some vegan spicy mayo.

Vegan Feta Cheese

7. Vegan Feta Cheese – A Virtual Vegan

Amazing Vegan Feta Cheese with great flavor and texture. Just perfect for making your favorite recipes like Spanakopita, and for adding to your tomato cucumber onion salad.

8. Herbed Vegan Feta Cheese – Healing Tomato

Marinate tofu in a simple brine solution made with pantry ingredients. Serve it on salads or in pasta.

Vegan Cheese Sauce & Vegan Cheese Ball

9. Vegan Cheese Sauce- A Virtual Vegan

The easiest Vegan Cheese Sauce that is completely nut-free. Simply blend then warm gently in a pan and it’s ready!

10.Cranberry Vegan Cheese Ball – Health My Lifestyle

This easy Vegan Cranberry Cheese Ball is the best vegan cheese ball! Made super creamy and perfect for spreading using simple ingredients and no nuts! Only takes 10 minutes to prepare!

This is our tofu cheese recipe round-up, it’s time for you to start preparing your own dairy-free cheese at home! If you like to see more recipe round-ups, please let me know.

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One Comment

  1. Thanks for the recipes. The only comment I have is that calling tofu a “cheese substitute” is misleading: If you define cheese as coagulated protein from milk, than tofu IS cheese. It doesn’t matter that the milk source is vegan rather than animal. Cheese should not be defined by whether it melts or not. The reason why tofu doesn’t melt is because it does not contain casein. But, animal origin cheese made from whey (casein removed), like Ricotta, doesn’t melt either. On the other hand, almost all “vegan cheese” recipes, that are just milk thickened with gums, starches, etc, are NOT cheese. In reality, they are PUDDING…but savory instead of sweet…and usually loaded with carbs, unlike real cheese. If someone were to sell dairy “cheese” made that way, they would be guilty of fraud.

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