Chili OIl Peanut Noodles


These Chili Oil Peanut Noodles come together in ONE-POT and in just 10 minutes! They are the perfect weeknight meal and can be easily customized to your liking!


If you wanna elevate your lunch game, try these deliciously nutty spicy peanut noodles! They are super easy to make and only take 10 minutes – the perfect solution when you’re short on time.ing rolls at home for less than $10!


Quick Peanut Sauce

Store-Bought Crispy Chili Oil


I like this brand LO GAN MA (Chinese: 老干妈; also called Laoganma). Their crispy chili oil is vegan and delicious. Is it spicy? Not really. If you want to up your noodles game, simply add a dollop of Laoganma to your noodles and viola!

How to Make

Mix the sauce, cook the noodles and then mix them together!


Adjusting spicy level to your liking!

The chili oil crisps is a must-have ingredient for this recipe, you can buy it at most Asian shops or Amazon.

 Joyful Dumplings.com

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