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Pasta With Green Sauce (Vegan)

a plate of Pasta With Green Sauce

This Pasta With Green Sauce( Vegan) is creamy, filling, and yet, delicious! It only takes less than 15 minutes to put it onto the table!

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Garlic Chilli Noodles

eating the noodles with chopsticks

These quick and easy Garlic Chilli Noodles are scrumptious and highly addictive! Look no further! This noodle recipe is waiting for you!

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Easy Vegan Pho

Simple Vegan Pho

EASY VEGAN PHO is made from scratch. It only takes 30 minutes to serve this hearty and cozy noodle soup. Does it sound exciting? 😍

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Vegan Yakisoba


YAKI SOBA ( VEGAN) is a delicious Japanese stir-fried noodle dish usually served on a plate as a main or side dish.

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Vegan Singapore Noodles


Vegan Singapore Noodles are my No.1 favorite Chinese takeout! These thin rice noodles have a subtly sweet flavor and a chewy texture.

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The Best Easy Vegan Ramen

birds eye of two ramen

This best easy Vegan Ramen has a rich, creamy vegan broth that’s full of flavor. Who doesn’t like a bowl of hearty Ramen Noodle soup?

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Cold Tofu Noodles


Cold Tofu Noodles are a very common dish in Asia. Sliced from thin sheets of extra-firm tofu, it has a denser and unique chewy texture.

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Vegan Yaki Udon

Yaki-Udon-Stir-Fried-Udon-Noodles on a plate

Yaki Udon (焼きうどん) is a Japanese Stir fry Udon Noodles with your choice of protein and vegetables and a soy-based sauce.